Jl. Bangka IIIa No. 26A, Pela Mampang, Kec. Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan. 12720
Dessicated coconut, RBD coconut oil, Crude coconut oil
natural fiber handicraft from mensiang grass and exotics animal leather such as crocodile, phyton snake, lizard, cow and sheep leather.
speciality coffee from indonesia - kopi serboek sari

PT. Deandra Langlang Buana

Indonesia is the World Best supplier of coconut producs and its derivatives. Decoco Indonesia is here to provide your needs. Our plantation is located in West sumatra and Riau Province at the central of Sumatra island. Based on indonesian goverment data in 2020 almost 500.000 tons of coconut were produced in these provinces. SO, what are you waiting for? Get your best coconut needs from us.



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